Our Services

Providing consultancy and inquiries regarding operations, import and export.
Follow-up and full or partial supervision of the completion of supply and handling operations by land, sea and air.
Follow-up and supervision of all transactions and reviews of different departments that have to do with import and export.
Follow-up and full and partial supervision of all import and export operations.
Representing you in companies that are involved in the import, export, shipping, transportation and clearance operations.
Provide any assistance in customs and clearance procedures that avoid any unforeseen financial burdens, providing accounts, financial costs and reducing risks.
Issuing the necessary invoices and certificates of origin for the purposes of export and duly authenticated.
Study and calculate the expected financial value, which includes all stages in the import and export operations.
Representing you with private companies and exhibitions that suit your work.
Studying appropriate solutions to customs issues under the supervision of a competent lawyer in these cases.
Connect all elements and main parties to the carrier carrier clearance by providing a level of service commensurate with the level of our customers saving effort, time and money.
Studying all papers related to the consignment represented by the required documents and approvals, whether customs or different departments.
Save time, effort and money from damaged storage and re-export of grams.
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